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Beta-carotene 30%
Beta-carotene 30%

Beta-carotene 30%

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureChina
  • Weight1 kg
  • ColorТемно оранжевый
  • ProductArtificial



For coloring and enriching flour confectionery oily solutions are used beta-carotene (0.2% 1% of th e). Recommended rates of input of oil solution of beta-carotene of 1% per ton of finished product: buns - 0.7-1.5 kg; biscuits - 1,4-3 kg; drying - 2-4 kg; cookies - 2-4 kg.

Caramel with beta-carotene
The addition of the beta-carotene in the caramel mass allows you to not only make the product functional, but increase its shelf life. It is recommended to introduce an oil solution of 0.2% -th - 13.4 g per ton of caramel mass.

Candy, marshmallows
In the production of aerated confectionery mass (candy, marshmallow) appropriate to use a water soluble beta-carotene 10% in combination with ascorbic acid. Dosage - 7-10 mg per 100 g of finished product.

Ice cream, popsicles
For coloring of water-based products used water soluble beta-carotene 10%. It can be used to achieve color shade from light orange to dark orange. In the production of glazes for ice cream it is recommended to use a suspension of beta-carotene, a 30%. The recommended dose - from 17-120 g / m.

Condensed milk fortified
In the production of the product of beta-carotene further introduced during the dissolution of milk, feeding the sugar syrup in vacuum or cooler immediately after making microcrystalline lactose. The dissolution is carried out at a temperature of +30 ... + 32 ° C with a delay of 1.5-2 hours, followed by pasteurization at a temperature of +93 ... + 97 ° C. Oil solution 0.2% -th introduced during the dissolution of milk powder or in combination with sugar syrup. Water-soluble form of beta-carotene can be made also in the process of cooling. Recommended flow rate of the oil solution of 0.2% solution of beta-carotene - 2.5 kg per tonne of reconstituted milk.

Dairy products with beta-carotene
Recommended content of beta-carotene enriched dairy products - at least 1 mg%. When used for enrichment liposoluble 0.2% solution of beta-carotene per 1 kg dairy product must 0.2 g of 5% solution of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is introduced into the purified and standardized milk. it is necessary to prepare before making the beta-carotene. For this purpose it previously introduced into a small portion of milk warmed to +60 ... + 85 ° C, was added a preparatory emulsifier - lecithin in an amount of 1% by weight of enriched product; the mixture was emulsified in a homogenizer at a pressure of 15-20 MPa for 1 min. The resulting emulsion was introduced in a thin stream standardized milk with stirring (speed of rotation of the stirring mechanism - not less than 500 rev / min.) For 10-15 minutes.

Canned fish
We propose to make a canned -th 0.2% beta-carotene solution in the oil at the rate of 5-10 mg / 100 to improve the quality of canned fish by enhancing their biological value and improve the organoleptic properties, as well as to make the product "utility" g. A solution of beta-carotene can be made with agitation directly to a fill containing vegetable oil. In the manufacture of canned fish minced part of the beta-carotene solution (30-40%) is preferably in the make minced mass, and the rest - in the fill.

Canned meat "Sunshine" for baby food
The formulation of the product included the second grade beef, pork bold, cow's udder, extruded cereals, butter, onion, salt, sugar, broth, and allspice oil solution of beta-carotene 0.2% th. Beta-carotene is used in an amount of 1.2 l per 100 kg raw material. According to recommendations of National Academy of Sciences Institute of Nutrition, children's daily requirement of vitamins, by including in the diet food pastes must be satisfied by 25-30%, and provided that the use of 70-100 g of the product.

Caviar from marrows vitaminized
In the manufacture of canned vegetables "Caviar from marrows" There are two variants of the recipe:
1. Caviar from marrows without carrots
Carrots are excluded from the formulation, and introduced a suspension of beta-carotene 30% th. suspension of the rate of application per ton of finished products - 0,204 kg. The content of beta-carotene in the finished product - 6 mg / 100 g
2. Eggs zucchini with 50% carrot
carrot tab is 50% of the original formulation, the slurry flow rate of beta-carotene of 30% per ton of finished product is 0.136 kg. The content of beta-carotene in the finished product - 4 mg / 100 g

Pasta with beta-carotene
To improve color and to obtain a golden-yellow color pasta dough made carotenoids, which can also be added to impart original carrot or tomato color. Beta-carotene - the most preferred natural colorant for pasta, making it increases the nutritional value of the product. addition level - 10-40 mg of 100% conditioned beta-carotene per 1 kg of flour, depending on the desired hue. It can be used as a water-soluble beta-carotene, as well as its oil form.


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Beta-carotene 30%
Beta-carotene 30%
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