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Defroster colostrum RM25 without rotating mechanism buy in Minsk
Defroster colostrum RM25 without rotating mechanism
Defroster colostrum RM25 without rotating mechanism

Defroster colostrum RM25 without rotating mechanism

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandСалутем, ООО
  • Country of manufactureBelarus
  • Color-
  • Speed defrost and heating colostrum to 40 ° C - 90 minutes
  • Possibility of defrosting and warming colostrum and 10 liters at a time
  • Possibility to defrost in packages, bottles and other containers
  • Power electric heaters - 6 kW
  • Dimensions: dl.670 shir.470 mm x mm x mm vys.490
  • Weight - 25 kg
  • Power supply voltage - 380

Made entirely of stainless steel AISI 304

The warranty on the container: 20 years
Product Warranty: 24 months
The certificate of conformity TR CU №TS RU C - BY. AU04.V.02012 last years in the Republic of Belarus is actively implemented watering technology calves colostrum in the first hour of his zhizni. Dannaya technology at first glance very simple, but without the special equipment it is possible to implement do not . Thus we want to offer a bath to defrost colostrum. Since the necessary vypo calf colostrum in the first hour of life and colostrum technology is in the bank for colostrum (in the freezer), it is necessary after the freezer very quickly thawed at a temperature not exceeding 42 0 C. At temperatures higher than 42 0 C. sensitive proteins are damaged immunoglobulin.


Do this by using the materials at hand is simply impossible. Come to the aid defroster colostrum produced by our organization.

Why does he easily cope with this task?

Power electric heaters - 6 - 12 kW , while in laboratory baths less than 2 kW.

On average, the process takes about 30 - 90 minutes .

Defrosting takes place using warm water.

To colostrum completely and uniformly unfreeze, used for this purpose a rotating mechanism by which the bottle or package driven. And so the colostrum is constantly mixed.

The proposed equipment colostrum can be thawed in the bottle , and in packets . There is no need to buy special accessories.

Warranty 12 months

Simultaneously, may be thawed to 8 liters of colostrum

The materials and apparatus defroster colostrum

Particular attention was paid to the development defroster materials used for its production. For this purpose, used exclusively Stainless steel type AISI 304 - corrosion - resistant, heat - resistant (can withstand temperatures up to 600 degrees) low - carbon steel with enhanced strength. During operation of the device the metal does not enter into chemical interaction with the environment and has no effect on the product subjected to defrosting.

Thawers, produced in two technical variants - with rotary mechanism or not. The presence of the rotary mechanism can improve usability of the device, as it reduces the requirements for the size or shape of the container placed in the defroster. Owners of dairy companies have to buy colostrum for special packages or bottles - they can use this familiar and comfortable for the farm employees container.

The design of the defroster includes a special controller, simplifies its operation. The whole process of defrosting in the long run by simply pressing a single button, which sets the parameters for defrosting. The controller itself is made of a special material, which is the main advantage of wear resistance and resistance to penetration of moisture and dirt. This ensures that during operation the electrician will be reliably protected from oxidation, which means that the controller will reliably carry out the set program.

Improving our designs, we influence the whole process of operation and watering colostrum. Your employees do not need special training - to defrost attached passport and instruction, which does not contain complex control processes. It is enough to read the manual once to start using the defroster, and to do so may any employee of a dairy farm.

Another important advantage is that it almost does not require any regular maintenance. By and large, the only element that is necessary from time to time to buy, is the packaging in which the colostrum is loaded into the machine. Moreover, as a packaging can serve and "free" ordinary plastic bottles of water (min. Water, soft drinks).




All components are always available.

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Defroster colostrum RM25 without rotating mechanism
Defroster colostrum RM25 without rotating mechanism
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