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Use of disinfection rugs is a guarantee of lack of claims of a sanpepidemstantion to your business.

Rugs for disinfection it is used in places where the special attention is paid to a sanitary state: on poultry-farming and livestock complexes, formula-feed plants, laboratories, the diagnostic and research centers, zoos, the enterprises of the food industry, quarantine sites, customs posts, at the airports, railway stations, in medical, school and preschool institutions and other.

Disinfection rug have either on a threshold, or before a door, in a so-called pure zone. At a nastupaniye on a rug disinfectant, moistens a footwear sole, and its surpluses will be absorbed back in a rug.

Dezkovrik consists of 3 layers:

The top layer — the Reliable protective grid of the increased durability on the basis of PVC. Provides good wetting of a sole of footwear with disinfectant and it is characterized by high abrasive stability.

The center — absorbs from 3 to 24 l of disinfection solution (depending on the size of a dezkovrik). Disinfectant solution, is evenly distributed in a mat, has only insignificant contact with air that prevents oxidizing destruction of components of disinfecting solution, does not give the chance to solution intensively to evaporate in air.

The lower layer — PVC-fabric which does not allow a dezrastvor to proceed on a floor are made from wearproof waterproof and to pollute the room, but also to considerably increase terms of its operation. Similar quality is explained by unique physical characteristics of PVC. The matter is that this material, unlike kapron, for example, is not subject to rotting process.

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