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Instant milk cooling system smom-2500CH buy in Minsk
Instant milk cooling system smom-2500CH
Instant milk cooling system smom-2500CH

Instant milk cooling system smom-2500CH

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandSalutem
  • Country of manufactureBelarus
  • Weight- g
  • DesignClosed type
  • Volume- L
  • Color-
  • Profile2580*1180*1430 mm

Smom - a set of equipment with which there is an instantaneous cooling of milk in a flow to a temperature ( + 40C), more before getting in - milk, and is designed to maximize the preservation of milk quality.

Recommended for use on dairy farms, molokopriomnyh points in the milking and dairy plants fields. It is known that at a temperature of + 40C bacterial growth almost stops. And in order to maintain the quality of the milk after milking, must be "instantly" cool it down to this temperature yet before it will begin to breed harmful bacteria. This allows: ✓ keep the quality characteristics of milk, due to which increased income; ✓ increasing the life of the product storage - milk to 48 hours, allowing less to transport it to the dairy plant, due to which the reduction of transportation costs; ✓ Mix milk yield from different milk yield in one - milk without loss in quality, since there is no mixing of warm milk cold; ✓ To achieve a good quality of milk during milking box.

This is achieved thanks to the fact that:

✓ instantly stops the growth of bacteria: ✓ bakobsemenonnost somatic and do not increase; ✓ preclude freezing of the milk, since freezing of destroying the protein structure and fat milk; ✓ Only instantly chilled milk is suitable for the manufacture of products such as yogurt, baby food, cheese, etc . ; ✓ not pre - filling of the tank is required. ✓ overall power consumption low.

Usually without smom achieve such results is not possible.

Thus, our company produces instant milk cooling system, which comes complete, fully staffed and ready to work . Optional equipment and accessories are not required! It is very important! ! ! We do not offer individual One unit of equipment for better competitiveness, which in future will have to doukomplektovyvat. We offer a range of equipment "turnkey".


✓ ice maker / chiller, ✓ refrigeration unit, ✓ exchanger, ✓ acceptance container - dispenser, ✓ milk pump, ✓ water pump, ✓ remote control.

We offer two solutions for instant cooling of milk in a stream.

  1. Icemaker . In this embodiment, cooling water is due to accumulated ice. It should be used for two milkings.
  2. Chiller , where the preparation of ice - water is not required additional time. It works in NON - STOP mode.

Smom complete with chiller:

Indicator: Smom - 2500CH
Maximum cooling performance of milk:

l / h | L / d

2500 | 25000
The temperature of the cooled milk, C0 6 ± 2
Water consumption, l. 0
Total holodoproizv - st, kW / h 81
Proizvodititelnost cold. unit in kW / h 28
Voltage supply, V 380
Current frequency, Hz 50 ± 1
Total power, kW 43
Overall dimensions, mm:







Our equipment is completely executed from stainless steel AISI 304, which has a positive impact on the quality of water passing through the heat exchanger, and the durability of the whole equipment. It integrates into any production chain.

Smom can be used as stationary in the milk box, and to be mobile installation for cooling of milk in a field.

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Instant milk cooling system smom-2500CH
Instant milk cooling system smom-2500CH
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