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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАО завод "Ветеринарные препараты"
  • Country of manufactureRussia
  • Type of drugAntiseptic
  • Pre-packing3 kg



1. 1. Iodine one - chloride - medicine in the form of solution contains in the structure as active ingredients iodine one - chloride (3% ) and hydrochloric acid (30% ), as excipient - water.
1. 2. Iodine one - chloride represents uniform liquid of orange - yellow color. In water and glitserinopodobny solvents it is dissolved in any ratios.
1. 3. Iodine one - chloride is produced in the form of the solution packaged on 0, 1; 0, 2; 0, 25; 0, 3; 0, 35; 0, 4; 0, 5; 0, 7; 0, 8; 1, 0; 1, 5; 2, 0; 2, 5; 3, 0; 3, 5; 5, 0; 10, 0; 20, 0 and 50, 0 kg. in glass or in polyethylene bottles, bottles, polyethylene canisters.
Each unit of packing is marked according to standard documentation with the instruction: names of the manufacturing organization, its address and trademark; names of the country manufacturer; names of medicine; names and contents of active ingredient; numbers of a series, date of production and expiration date; inscriptions: "For animals" and "It is protected by the Russian Federation patent"; net weights; designations TU; storage conditions, method of application; information on certification also supply with the instruction for application.
Store Iodine one - chloride (according to the list B) in densely closed original packing in warehouse conditions, in protected from direct sunshine, the place, inaccessible for strangers and animals, at a temperature from minus 40 os to plus 40 os.
Means expiration date at observance of storage conditions - 2 years from the date of production.


2. 1. Iodine one - chloride possesses a wide range of antimicrobic action concerning grampolozhitelny and gramotritsatelny bacteria, including tuberculosis mikobakteriya, and also viruses and mushrooms. The ootsist, koktsidiya, eggs of a number of helminths is active also against a dispute.
2. 2. On extent of impact on an organism Iodine one - chloride belongs to highly dangerous substances (the 2nd class of danger according to GOST 12. 1. 007 - 76).


3. 1. Iodine one - chloride is applied to the preventive and compelled processing of surfaces of livestock, including poultry - farming rooms and the processing equipment which is in them, auxiliary objects of livestock production and stock on care of animals, refrigerators, chervovoden, processing of a shell of eggs, and also for aerosol processing of air of livestock, including poultry - farming rooms, treatment of the animals struck with cutting it is deprived also of processing of an udder of cows.
3. 2. Processing is carried out by small - drop irrigation of surfaces of rooms and processing equipment for lack of animals, products of slaughter and finished food products with use of dezustanovka of DUK - 1, DUK - 1M, AVD - 1, UDP - M, LSD - ZM, LSD - EP and others.
Working solutions are prepared on the mass of medicine by addition of the corresponding quantities Yoda one - chloride for tap water with the temperature of 20 - 25 °C. When calculating concentration of working solutions medicine take substance for 100% .
3. 3. Preventive processing of surfaces production stock - raising (including poultry - farming) rooms and processing equipment is carried out:
- smooth surfaces (the metal, a tile, a metlakhsky tile painted by oil paint of a wall or covered with pobelochny mix nonporous plastic, etc. ) - 3% solution at norm expenses of 0, 25 - 0, 3 l / м2и expositions of 3 h;
- rough surfaces (a brick, cement, basic concrete beams, porous plastic, slot - hole floors, an unpainted tree, channels of a navozo - pometoudaleniye, etc. ) 5% solution at the rate of 0, 5 l/sq. m and expositions of 3 h.
3. 4. Compelled (current and final) processing of surfaces of above - mentioned rooms at infectious diseases of a bacterial and virus etiology, is carried out taking into account a surface relief (smooth, rough) by respectively 3 and 5% by solutions at consumption rate in both cases of 0, 5 l/sq. m and an exposition of 3 - 6 h, quality control of disinfecting at which is estimated on allocation of bacteria of group of colibacillus and stafilokokk.
3. 5. At anthrax processing is carried out by 10% by solution of Iodine one - chloride at the rate of 1 l/sq. m. Solution is applied on 0, 5 l/sq. m with an interval of 15 - 25 minutes twice. Exposition 3 hours.
At negative temperatures the specified solutions apply on a surface fractionally in three steps 0, 3 - 0, 4 l/sq. m. Before each putting solution, the surface is previously processed hot water (70 os) or sated (15 - 20% ) solution of table salt at the rate of 0, 5 l/sq. m. An exposition after the last putting medicine 3 hours.
3. 6. At infectious atrophic rhinitis, an ugly face of pigs, viral hepatitis of ducklings, a foot - and - mouth disease (the current processing) of 5% solution of Iodine one - chloride once at the rate of 0, 5 l/sq. m. Final processing at a foot - and - mouth disease the same solution twice on 0, 5 l/sq. m with an interval of 1 hour. An exposition in all cases of 6 hours.
3. 7. At an infectious enterotoksemiya and a bradsot of sheep, tuberculosis of animals and birds processing is carried out by 10% by solution of Iodine one - chloride, warmed up till 45 - 50 os, twice with an interval of 1 hour on 0, 5 l/sq. m. An exposition after the second irrigation 3 hours.
3. 8. At respiratory mycoplasmosis of birds and salmonellosises processing is carried out by 3% solution of Iodine one - chloride at the rate of 1 l/sq. m. Exposition 1 hour.
3. 9. At a koktsidioza of rabbits and birds of the room process 10% solution of Iodine one - chloride warmed up to 70 os once at the rate of 1 l/sq. m. Exposition of 5 hours.
3. 10. At a paraskaridoza of horses and an askaridoza of pigs apply 5% solution of Iodine one - chloride, warmed up to 70 os, at the rate of 1 l/sq. m. Exposition of 5 hours.
3. 11. At strongilyatoza and strongiloidoza of the room process 3% solution Yoda one - chloride, warmed up to 70 os, at the rate of 1 l/sq. m. Exposition 1 hour.
3. 12. Refrigerators for prevention of emergence of a mold process 10% solution of Iodine one - chloride, at the rate of 1 l/sq. m. Exposition 1 hour.
3. 13. At infectious diseases of caterpillars of a silkworm (deadness, weakness, a septitsemiya, jaundice) of the room for a vykormka of caterpillars (chervovodna), incubatory halls, a listokhranilishcha and the equipment which is in them in 6 days prior to laying of a grena of a silkworm, and also after the termination of a vykormka of caterpillars and release chervovoden from cocoons process 10% solution Yoda one - chloride at the rate of 1 l/sq. m. Exposition of 9 hours.
3. 14. For prevention of corrosion action it is expedient to carry out processing of the metal equipment (separately from the surfaces of rooms) by Iodine one - chloride, dissolved in triethyleneglycol in the ratio 1: 9 - add 9 parts of triethyleneglycol to one part of means and carefully mix. The solution received thus 10% can be applied on points 11, 13, 15, 18, 19, and in the form of 50% water solution on points 9, 10, 12, 16 and in the form of 30% water solution on points 9, 10, 14, 17 in the similar modes and doses.
3. 15. After an exposition, the processed surfaces of rooms and the equipment wash water, exempt from the remains of medicine and water of a drinking bowl and feeding trough. The room is aired before total disappearance of a smell of medicine, dried and only after that put into working operation and place animals. The objects named in point 19 air and dry within 5 days.
3. 16. Aerosol processing of air of rooms when developing respiratory diseases is carried out by one of the ways given below in lack of animals (including birds).
3. 17. By dispersion of 30% water solution of the means specified in point 20 (containing 3% Yoda one - chloride), the aerosol devices giving the size of particles of 0, 5 - 20 microns at the rate of 1, 2 ml/sq. m. Carry out 10 - 12 dispersion to four cycles - on 2 - 3 days in a row each cycle with an interval between them of 2 - 3 days. An exposition after each dispersion of 25 - 30 minutes. For the period of dispersion and an exposition the room is densely closed, ventilation is turned off.
3. 18. By the exothermic sublimation of vapors of iodaluminium and chloraluminium received from compound of Iodine one - chloride with aluminum (shaving, powder, pieces of an aluminum wire or the discarded ware and other aluminum products). For this purpose take the glass or enameled capacities with a capacity not less than 2 - 3 l. (one capacity on 400 - 500 mz) also place or hang out evenly (equally spaced one from another and from walls of the processed room) at the height of 1 - 1, 5 m and fill them with Iodine one - chloride at the rate of 3 ml/m3 in which lower aluminum at the rate of 50 g by 1 l of means. Exothermic reaction begins in 1 - 2 minutes and 5 - 10 minutes, depending on purity of aluminum and temperature of means proceed. An exposition from the beginning of parovydelitelny reaction of 35 - 37 minutes. For the period of an exposition the room is densely closed, ventilation is turned off. Processing in couples of exothermic reaction is carried out 3 - 4 times with an interval of 3 days.
For an exception of rough foaming, spraying and possible emission of means capacity in the course of chemical reaction and for fuller release of iodine it is expedient to use mix of Iodine one - chloride with triethyleneglycol in the ratio 9: 1.
3. 19. After the end of each aerosol processing the room is aired - open doors, windows, ventilating hatches and include ventilation. After airing placement of animals is possible.
3. 20. Processing of the eggs which are superficially infected with causative agents of infectious diseases of birds is carried out by their immersion to 4% water solution of Iodine one - chloride for 15 minutes with the subsequent obsushivaniye on air.
3. 21. For treatment of the animals sick with cutting it is deprived, affected areas of skin process 10% water solution of Iodine of one - chloride or 10% the means solution on triethyleneglycol which is well getting thanks to an oily consistence in the affected coarsened skin. Iodine one - chloride is applied on affected areas of skin in the small portions and a brush or a wadded and gauze tampon carefully rub in skin in places of defeat and around them. In fresh cases of rather 1 - 2 - fold processing with an interval of 20 - 30 minutes. In the started cases, in the presence of firm crusts, processing is carried out by 3 - 5 times a day within 3 days. At the same time solution is rubbed with special care to provide its penetration into thickness of crusts, under crusts and in hair bulbs.
Against cutting depriving processing of animals it is necessary to carry out in the open air or in well ventilated room. For processing of each animal use a new tampon, and brushes periodically clear of pollution, wash out water and sanify by immersion for 10 - 15 minutes in the separate container with 10% solution of Iodine one - chloride.
3. 22. After milking process an udder of cows of 0, 5% solution of Iodine of one chloride or 10% of solution of means on triethyleneglycol.
3. 23. Side effects. Couples of concentrated (not divorced) means cause strong irritation of mucous membranes of the top airways and eyes, at long influence of vapors - Qatar of the top airways, conjunctivitis, turbidity of a cornea of eyes. At strong impact on skin Iodine one - chloride causes burns and ulcerations.
3. 24. Incompatibility with other medicines is not established.
3. 25. Contraindications. Not to allow overestimate of maximum - permissible concentration of vapors of Iodine one - chloride in air of a working zone (control on chloride hydrogen) 5 mg/m3.
3. 26. Use of production of livestock production after application Yoda one - chloride is allowed without restriction.


4. 1. During the work with the concentrated medicine and its solutions the personnel have to be provided with the rubberized aprons, gumboots, rubber gloves, goggles, and at dispersion of means indoors - a gas mask with a brand A box.
4. 2. At hit Yoda one - chloride on skin of people, it needs to be washed away a plentiful amount of water with soap. At solution hit Yoda one - chloride on mucous membranes and in eyes it is necessary to wash out plentifully them water, then 2% solution of baking soda and to see a doctor.
In operating time with Iodine one - chloride it is not allowed to eat food, to smoke, drink. The service personnel are not allowed to the room during aerosol processings. Upon termination of work to wash out boots and gloves, and also the used container and a dezustanovka water, to wash up a face and hands warm water with soap.
4. 3. It is forbidden to use a container from under Iodine one - chloride for the household purposes.
4. 4. It is forbidden to use Iodine one - chloride after the termination of term of its validity.
4. 5. Iodine one - chloride should be stored in places not available to children.


Registration number: TAC - 5 - 19/00276.


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