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Iodine solution spiri buy in Smalyavichy
Iodine solution spiri
Iodine solution spiri

Iodine solution spiri

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАО завод "Ветеринарные препараты"
  • Country of manufactureRussia

1. General information
1. 1 Solution of iodine spirit (Solutio Iodi spirituosa of 5% )
1. 2 Drug contains in 4, 5 - 5, 5% of iodine and 1, 8 - 2, 2% of potassium iodide, ethyl alcohol, water.
1. 3 Drug is issued in glasswares (bottles, bottles, ampoules) from orange glass. Store with precaution (List B) in the dry, protected from light place at a temperature from 10 - 25 °C. A drug period of validity 3 years from the date of production.

2. pharmacological properties

Iodine is received from ashes of algas and boring oil waters. Represents plates, grayish - black with metal gloss, or joints of crystals of a characteristic smell. Letuch at an ordinary temperature; when heating it is sublimated, forming violet couples. We will dissolve in water (1: 5000) very little, we will dissolve 95% of alcohol in 10 parts, we will dissolve in aqueous solutions of iodides (potassium and sodium). It is incompatible with essential oils, we will dissolve ammonia, white sedimentary mercury (explosive mix is formed).
Elementary iodine possesses expressed antimicrobic (bactericidal action), the tanning and cauterizing properties. Irritates receptors of skin and mucous. The expressed local irritative action on fabric, and in high concentration - the cauterizing effect is characteristic of elementary iodine, its solutions widely apply to processing of wounds, preparation of a surgery field, etc. ; when drawing they render an irritant action on skin and mucous membranes and can cause reflex changes in activity of an organism. Local action is caused by ability of elementary iodine to besiege fabric proteins about formation of iodamines. It is partially soaked up. The absorbed part gets into fabrics and bodies, thyroid iron is selektivno absorbed. Participates in thyroxine synthesis, strengthens dissimilation processes, it is emitted with urine (mainly), excrements, milk, with a secret of sweat glands.

3. drug use order

3. 1. Drug is used: 1) for processing of a surgery field, the place of parenteral administration of medicinal substances, and also fingers of hands of the surgeon; 2) as antimicrobic, styptic and the means accelerating healing of wounds at fresh wounds, injuries, a furunculosis, fistulas; 3) as irritating and a revulsive at chronic inflammations of joints, tendinous vaginas, muscles, skin.
3. 2. Drug is used outwardly.
3. 3. Side effects, contraindications. Is not available.
3. 4. Slaughter of animals on meat is allowed without restrictions.

Manual is prepared by the Belarusian state veterinary center on the basis of the documents submitted by the applicant.
It is considered at Vetbiofarmsovet's meeting of Ministry of Agriculture and Food Production of Republic of Belarus.

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Iodine solution spiri
Iodine solution spiri
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