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  • BrandАО завод "Ветеринарные препараты"
  • Country of manufactureRussia


  1. Dosage form: solution for external application. Kasepturin contains in quality of active ingredient of a hlorgeksidin biglyukonat - 0, 5% , and as excipients - alcohol ethyl - 70% , dye food synthetic - 0, 1% and water up to 100% .
    3. Kasepturin release packaged in the glass or polymeric jars, bottles, bottles corked by the screwed covers complete with traffic jams or laying with sealing elements and also in polymeric bottles with a mechanical raspylitelny head.
    4. Store Kasepturin in the closed packing of the producer in the dry, protected from direct sunshine place, far from heating devices and sources of fire, at a temperature from minus 40 °C to 30 °C.
    5. Kasepturin it is necessary to store vmesta inaccessible for children.
    6. Kasepturin expired utilize with household waste.

    Expiration date of Kasepturin at observance of storage conditions - 2 years from the date of production.

    It is forbidden to use medicine after the termination of an expiration date.
  3. Hlorgeksidin who is Kasepturin's part has bactericidal activity concerning gramotritsatelny and grampolozhitelny aerobic and anaerobic bacteria (including causative agents of tuberculosis, colibacillus, stafilokokk, streptococci, salmonellas), fungicide activity concerning drozhzhepodobny mushrooms of a sort Candida, dermatophytes and trikhofiton, virulitsidny action concerning lipophilic viruses.
    Hlorgeksidin neutralizes amino groups of proteins of cages, passes in a membrane of bacterial cages, stops on cytoplasm and gets into membrane function, thereby blocking the oxygen use that promotes decrease in the ATP level of cages, as a result of a cage perish.
    Ethyl alcohol increases antiseptic activity of a hlorgeksidin.

    In the presence of blood, pus, various secrets and organic substances antibacterial action of Kasepturin remains.

    On extent of impact on an organism Kasepturin treats low - dangerous substances (the 4th class of danger in accordance with GOST 12. 1. 007 - 76). In the recommended doses does not possess the local irritating and sensibilizing action.
  5. Kasepturin apply as antiseptic to carrying out:
    - treatments and processings of purulent wounds, the abscesses infected burns, bacterial and fungal diseases of skin;
    - washings of operational wounds;
    - processings of postoperative seams;
    - preparation operational and injection water;
    - disinfectings of fabrics at castrations, obstetric aid;
    - processings of an umbilical stump at newborns;
    - processings of grazes, scratches, the superficial infected wounds and other small traumatic damages.
    9. As a contraindication to Kasepturin's application serves the increased individual sensitivity to a hlorgeksidin.
    10. At antiseptic processing of the operational field skin is consistently twice wiped with the separate sterile gauze tampons which are plentifully moistened with Kasepturin. Hold time after the end of processing 2 minutes.
    The injection field is wiped (in one direction) with the sterile wadded tampon moistened with this antiseptic. Hold time after the end of processing 1 minute.

    Kasepturin apply on affected areas of skin by means of a tampon or a sterile gauze napkin, or in the form of irrigations. Depending on defeat size the amount of solution has to be such completely to moisten the processed surface taking into account zatyok and cavities of wounds. In case of strong pollution of a wound processing is carried out before full removal of visible dirt.

    Processing of a surgical instrument and working surfaces is carried out by the pure sponge moistened with Kasepturin or by soaking.

    Apply the same solution within 5 minutes to bystry sterilization of tools.

    When processing surgical or viewing neoprene (synthetic) gloves they are wiped (in one direction) with the wadded tampon which is well moistened with Kasepturin.
    Hold time after the end of processing 1 minute.
    11. The symptoms arising at medicine overdose it is not established.
    12. Features of effect of medicine at the first reception or at its cancellation are not revealed.
    13. In case of non - compliance with an established period of repeated processings use of medicine should be resumed in the same dosage according to the same scheme.
    14. By - effects and complications at animals at use of medicine according to the present instruction, as a rule, are not observed. In rare instances after use of medicine individual reactions (reddening of skin, an itch, a salivation) which spontaneously take place are possible and do not demand use of medicines.
    15. Simultaneous use of medicines of iodine in order to avoid development of dermatitis is undesirable.
    16. Livestock products at the compelled slaughter in time and after Kasepturin's application use without restrictions.

    Kasepturin with other antiseptics because of a possibility of their mutual inactivation is not recommended to apply. Kasepturin therefore before medicine use the remains of soap need to be washed away carefully can also inactivate soap presence.

    Kasepturin apply daily 1 - 2 times a day. Then, snachaly process of granulation and healing, it is possible to apply medicine no more once in 2 - 3 days.

    The course of treatment makes 7 - 14 days.
  7. During the work with Kasepturin it is necessary to follow the general rules of personal hygiene and safety measures provided during the work with medicines.
    18. Kasepturin it is necessary to use only for external application. Medicine easily ignites therefore it is not necessary to allow contact with an open flame and the switched - on heating devices. NOT to SMOKE.
    19. At Kasepturin's hit in their eyes it is necessary to wash out plentifully flowing water. If necessary to see a doctor. At casual hit of Kasepturin in a stomach to allow to drink to the victim several glasses of water from 8 - 10 by the crushed tablets of absorbent carbon. If necessary to address to medical institution. At poisoning with Kasepturin carry out symptomatic treatment.


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