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Masloseparator or the filter separator - a replaceable element of system of a maslootdeleniye of the screw maslosmazyvayemy compressor. It is applied to final division of an air-oil stream into compressed air and oil. Special filtering material of a separator allows to purify compressed air to the residual content of oil to 3 mg/m3. Distinguish several types of such separtor.

1. Submersible separators - that is when the cartridge plunges into an oil tank. As a rule such separators have an appearance of the turned hat and the support of a cartridge is carried out by flyaneets (brim) on tank walls. Such masloseparator is protected by the additional screen which is executed in the form of an insert in an oil tank or an entrance branch pipe in a tank the distributor (lens) of a stream has. It becomes not to damage masloseparator material an air-oil stream in operating time. Also the filter carries out a role of a chipper which directs a mix stream between the wall and a wall of a tank. As a rule in an oil tank the air-oil stream moves through the entrance branch pipe welded tangentsialno. At the expense of the formed centrifugal forces there is a sedimentation of bulk of compressor oil, and that part which remained in an air stream is filtered by a masloseparator. The oil remains which gathered on day of a submersible separator are removed through an evacuation tube in a screw compressor element on the party of absorption.

2. The filter a separator - reminds a usual oil filter in the tin case which is also wound on the carving adapter. Air maslyannaya mix arrives through several openings in a separator plate under its tin case, passes through filtering material. The purified compressed air comes to a tube of the adapter and then through the central opening in a plate of a separator comes for the valve of the minimum pressure to a cooler, the gathered oil, through special openings in the adapter comes back to the screw block on the evacuation line.

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