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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureBelarus

D-GEL (1 l) is applied at installation of a cable, and in particular at its cutting and preparation. Serves for removal from veins of hydrophobic gel. The environmentally friendly solvent which is specially developed for elimination of cable gels, Icky Pic, and also C-cement. It is especially effective at elimination of fats, pitches, oils, wax, pitch and pitch from copper and fiber-optical cables. Does not contain harmful substances: TCE, HCFC's or dichloromethane.

Napkins bezvolokonny KimTech Science are intended for purification of fiber of the remains of an epoksilokrilovy covering after its removal by the help of a stripper, and also can be used for rubbing of connectors. Before application are moistened propanoly. Do not leave behind material fibers on a core or a working surface of the connector. Are extremely inexpensive and convenient in use. Necessary attribute during the work with fiber-optical cords, their svarivaniye and cutting.

The dihydrogenated FIS F-1007S MICRO DUSTER compressed air is applied to cleaning of optical sockets / adapters of dust and other dry pollution in the cross, measuring and active network equipment which is equipped with such sockets. The cylinder has a special cock / valve and a nozzle for the convenient directed produv. Specifics of this cleaner consist that air passes special processing, as a result do not contain water, oils and foreign impurity. This very important requirement for this reason usual compressed air is not applicable for optics. Provides preserving time and low-cost cleaning with dry and not oil compressed air. The compressed gas deletes, without concerning, freely lying dust from hard-to-reach spots during works on service in electronics, exact mechanisms, the optical equipment and all types of office equipment. Does not leave marks. In the market there are enough producers of cylinders with compressed air, but they do not approach in this application as moisture drops when drying leave mikroskopchesky marks on working optical surfaces. It negatively affects quality of connection and leads to increase in attenuation. FIS compressed air does not contain water impurity, as allows to receive ideal result at a purge. Also the producer guarantees lack of dust and other suspensions in a cylinder. It can be applied to cleaning of any optical systems, and even to cleaning of polishing machines. The volume of a cylinder is 280 ml.


The lint-free tape in a case is intended for expeditious cleaning of cores (ferul) of optical connectors. The device represents the closed cartridge with the cleaning tape. Cleaning of a surface of the core of the optical connector happens due to friction about part of a tape which is outside. The used or strongly polluted site of a tape is wound off and automatically replaced with fresh. At wear of the cleaning tape its replacement is possible.

The FIS set Allows to clear an opening of 125 microns in the ferrul of the connector if it is hammered with ceramic shaving and fiber of a cable does not pass in a ferrula. It is necessary at an okontsevaniye of optical fiber connectors. Also allows to push out easily fiber fragments from the connector. In a set 8 provolok and 8 holders. It is convenient to use a delay for a clearing in case fiber broke off when threading in the connector: it is possible to push out the fiber rest in the direction from face part of the connector. In case the end of fiber acts – to break off it and by means of sharp tweezers (or the ends of nippers), to push the end a little inside from face part of the central part of the connector (for this purpose it is necessary to show ability on hit in an opening of 250 microns in the center of the connector). Then to get a delay to the formed deepening and to push out the fiber rest entirely. The result – the connector is rescued. Wipe a delay with a napkin from the remains of glue and it can be used once again.

Sticks for cleaning of optical adapters, are executed from lint-free, "нелохматящегося" material. Are ideally suited for cleaning of hard-to-reach spots of optical adapters. Sticks have various diameter, depending on appointment, and, respectively different articles. Can be applied as in a dry form, and being moistened propanoly. Allow to clear quickly and effectively the plug of the optical socket of pollution, without leaving at the same time the remains materiala.f10005 to Porolonovye pass brushes 2.5mm, the 50th piece/unitary enterprise.; F10006 Pass brushes wadded general purpose; F125123 Pass brushes precision with a covering 1.25mm (the 5th piece/unitary enterprise.); F125183 Pass brushes precision with a covering 2.5mm (the 100th piece/unitary enterprise.); F125184 Pass brushes precision with a covering 2.5mm (the 5th piece/unitary enterprise.)

IMMERSION GEL - material which index of refraction is almost equal to index of refraction of a core of fiber. It is used when joining optical fibers for reduction of the losses of a signal connected with reflection of a signal on border of environments with different indices of refraction. Compound of fiber thus can be made by means of one skalyvatel in UP-125 devices, or mechanical connectors of fibers. Use of gel gives advantage that connection becomes undemanding to quality of a chip. This gel is excellent means for reduction of the frenelevsky reflected radiation because it compensates existence of a small gap between end faces of fibers. Gel happens a different consistence: dense and liquid, it is respectively delivered in tubas of 0.4 oz (11 ml.) and syringes batchers (5 ml.) respectively.

The device for expeditious connection of neokontsovanny UP-125 fiber is used for fast, for several seconds, connections of fiber to the reflectometer, optical phone or other equipment. It is noncritical to quality of chips (fiber can be cut off scissors), provides good connection at chip corners to 40 degrees. It is intended for work with single-mode and multimode fibers with a diameter of 125 mm. Connector type: FC or ST. A resource - more than 1 000 000 connections. Average losses for single-mode fiber: 0,3 dB.


  • Cord with the connection device
  • Special oil
  • Brush for cleaning
  • Needles for cleaning
  • Capacity for the chopped-off fibers
  • Minibrushes

The ADAPTER of CONNECTION of NAKED FIBER-CONNECT FIBRE is an adapter of naked fiber which allows to reduce considerably time at connection of neokontsovanny fiber to the measuring equipment. A possibility of measurement on VOLS without okontsovka of fibers — procedure which means use of the additional equipment and expenses of time, allows to reduce the general time of production of measurements more than by 50% in comparison with other methods. Low losses and high repeatability of parameters of connection when using FiberConnect, provide identity of quality of connection in comparison with use of ordinary connectors. The FiberConnect adapter has the precision glass plug which is precisely combined with the end of a pigtail in the adapter. FiberConnect is very easy to use — only the drop of the special solution providing alignment of index of refraction of an interval between the joined fibers is required. Further the connected fiber is smoothed out, chopped off and inserted into the adapter until a contact from the end of a pigtail. The adapter of connection of naked FiberConnect fiber can be delivered in a single-mode or multimode configuration and with various connectors, okontsovyvayushchy a pigtail. For convenience, the adapter can be attached to a flat surface either by means of a magnet, or by means of a special sucker.

  • High repeatability of parameters of connection.
  • Simplicity in use.
  • The low brought losses and the return reflection.
  • Testing of fibers and the VOLS components without the need for their okontsovka.
  • Considerable reduction of time of testing.


  • Adapter of naked fiber;
  • The gel equalizing indices of refraction;
  • Maintenance instruction;
  • Procedural set;
  • Brush for cleaning;
  • Spare pigtail;
  • Case for carrying.

Universal cleaner ferul the optical connectors NEOCLEAN - E125 (E250)

The Japanese company NTTAT represents a new universal cleaner for ferul optical connectors.

Cleaners of NEOCLEAN-E are executed in the form of the staffs consisting of the handle on which the cartridge fastens.

  • The NEOCLEAN-E125 model – is intended for cleaning of end faces ferul the connectors LC, MU.
  • The NEOCLEAN-E250 model – is intended for cleaning of end faces ferul the connectors FC, SC.


  • It is very simple in use
  • Cleaning without alcohol by means of the special cleaning tape
  • Inexpensive replaceable cartridge
  • Provides quality stable cleaning
  • Possesses antistatic properties
  • More than 750 cycles of cleaning by means of one cartridge
  • Fast and convenient replacement of a cartridge
  • Cleaning of the connectors which are built in FC, SC, LC adapters
  • Cleaning of all types of patchkord with a diameter of a ferula 1.25mm and 2.5 mm
  • Cleaning of connectors with types of polishing of PC and APC.

HuxCleaner is device in the form of the handle for cleaning of a ferula of patchkord in sockets of optical cross-countries, at the same time it is not required to open cross-country and to take out pachkord from the socket. In connections of fiber-optical communication lines the signal is transmitted to an optical cable directly through ferula. Not to allow deterioration in the signal passing through connection it is the most important to provide purity ferul.

  • The first-ever compact cleaner in the form of the handle.
  • One HuxCleaner provides about 500 cleanings
  • Does not demand opening of optical cross-country for cleaning ferul in adapters
  • Special fiber of the cleaning tape absorbs water, fat and dirt than the usual cleaning materials better
  • It is convenient, simple in use and is compact
  • Visual control of the rest of the cleaning tape
  • Is suitable for cleaning ferul f 1,25 mm (LC, MU) and 2,5 (SC, FC, ST)

GST NIM-25 tool

Full tool kit for cutting of the main types of optical cables.

Complete set
1. Kabelnozhnitsa KNIPEX for cutting of a power element (trosokusa) 13. Bokoreza KinZo
2. Stripper Kabifix Fk28 for removal of an external cover of a cable 14. Set of KinZo screw-drivers
3. Stripper-prishchepka for removal of fragments of the optical IDEAL module 15. Hacksaw
4. Stripper of T-type for removal of covers of modules 16. Knife
5. Stripper MILLER for removal of 250 microns of a cover of fibers 17. Ruler metal
6. Scissors for cutting of kevlar threads 18. The roulette is measuring
7. Tweezers 19. Small lamp
8. Magnifying glass 7kh 20. A set a provolok for a clearing of adapters
9. Liquid for washing off of a gidrofob 21. Marking self-adhesive labels
10. The batcher for alcohol 22. Adhesive tape
11. Napkins lint-free KIM-WIPES 23. A box for the ZIP
12. KinZo flat-nose pliers 24. Rigid case

Kabelnozhnitsa (trosokusa) Knipex

Kabelnozhnitsa (trosokusa) Knipex are intended for cutting of a metal wire (to ǿ 4 mm) and the steel cable (to ǿ 6 mm) used as a power element of an optical cable. The cutting part of the tool is made in the form of "a beak of a parrot" of high-strength steel.

Stripper Kabifix FK28

Stripper Kabifix FK28 is intended for removal of an external polymeric cover of a cable with a diameter from 6 to 28 mm. Thanks to the successful design providing cross, longitudinal and spiral cutting of a cover, Kabifix FK28 is the tool best today for removal of a cover.

Stripper ClaussCFS-2

Stripper Clauss CFS-2 is intended for removal of 250 microns of an epoksiokrilovy covering from optical fiber. Existence of an additional opening with a diameter of 1,0 mm allows to use the tool for removal of other covers and coverings used for protection of fibers against damages.

Clauss 86 ½ SF scissors

Clauss 86 ½ SF scissors are intended for cutting of the kevlar threads used in optical cables for protection of fibers against longitudinal stretching. Distinctive feature of the tool is its high reliability, unlike analogs with the cutting part of ceramics.

Stripper Miller 821 (T-type)

Stripper Miller 821 (T-type) is intended for removal of modules with a diameter of 0.9-3.0 mm.

Knife pluzhkovy for cutting of an external cover of a cable

The knife is intended for longitudinal cutting of a polymeric cover of a cable by diameter> 25 mm. It has the protective platform on an edge tip preventing undercutting of veins of a cable. It is the only knife which provides high-quality cutting of cables with soft free polymeric isolation. However it is rather universal as it can be applied also to cutting of cables with rigid polymeric isolation.

Napkins lint-free KimWipes

Napkins lint-free KimWipes are intended for purification of fiber of the remains of an epoksilokrilovy covering after its removal by the help of a stripper.


The batcher is intended for reduction of an expense and convenience of work at purification of optical fiber

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