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Unigerm-6 sealant of vibration-proof, 50 g buy in Minsk
Unigerm-6 sealant of vibration-proof, 50 g
Unigerm-6 sealant of vibration-proof, 50 g

Unigerm-6 sealant of vibration-proof, 50 g

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandУнигерм
  • Country of manufactureRussia


TU 2257 - 516 - 00208947 - 2009 (amendment 1)

Anaerobic kleyunigerm - 6prednaznachen for fixing, kontrovka and consolidation of sredneprochny threaded and smooth connections. Унигерм® - 6предотвращает corrosion, resistance to influence of vibration loadings raises.

Unigerm - 6predstavlyaet the thixotropic composition possessing long life at storage and property to be cured quickly in gaps between metallic surfaces.


For fixing, kontrovka, consolidation of folding threaded and smooth connections in the industry.

Sealant is intended for work in the conditions of vibration.

Thixotropic anaerobic glue - sealant of average durability UNIGERM - 6 is cured in narrow gaps of metal products at violation of contact with air oxygen.

Special characteristics

- Sealant is applied to latching, sealing, kontrovka of smooth and threaded connections from different metals and alloys (kadmirovanny, galvanized, anodized, phosphated, etc. ).

- Sealant possesses the accelerated hardening and can be applied without activator that allows to use it in conveyor productions at assembly of different nodes and details.

- Sealant is thixotropic that interferes with spontaneous running off of material from carving surfaces when drawing.

Collected nodes and details have chemical and thermal durability to oil products, gases, solutions of acids and alkalis.

Temperature range

- operation From - 60 °C to + 150 °C

- quickly to + 200 °C (1 hour)

Application conditions

Standard carving (metric, pipe, conical, etc. )

Metric to M36 (max. gap no more than 0,30 mm. )

Properties of liquid material

Chemical basis Dimethacrylic ether of glycol

Appearance Homogeneous liquid of red color

Apparent viscosity on Brukfilda

at temperature (25,0 ±0,2) °C, A/2/10 1000 - 3000 mpas

A/2/20 600 - 1600 mpas

Flash temperature in otkr. crucible> 88 °C

Ignition temperature> 90 °C

Self - ignition temperature> 380 °C

Polymerization time

Durability on carving couple M10 bolt nut: - manual durability - in 10 - 30 min.

(at temperature of 20 - 25 °C) - through cure - in 5 - 12 hours

Material of threaded connection

Strength properties on phosphated bolts

Cure time, h. Moving moment, Nm (kgssm) unscrewing Moment, Nm (kgssm)

4 11 (110) 21 (210)

24 13 (130) 23 (230)

Properties of the cured material

Durability when unscrewing in 5 hours of 8 - 12 MPas

Durability at axial shift in 24 hours of 10 - 14 MPas

Durability at separation of 10 - 14 MPas

Preservation of the moment of unscrewing after influence

+ 150 °C (1000 h) not less than 10 Nm

+ 200 °C (50 h) not less than 10 Nm

- 60 °C (24 h) not less than 10 Nm

10 thermal shocks from - 60 °C to + 150 °C at endurance of 2 h.

at each temperature not less than 10 Nm

98% humidity, 40 °C (30 days) not less than 10 Nm

Chemical resistance of the cured material

The unscrewing moment after influence

- the A - 40 antifreeze at 90ºС within 1000 hours not less than 10 Nm

- machine oil at 130 °C within 130 hours not less than 10 Nm

Safety requirements

Fire safety Belongs to group of combustible substances.

The class of danger of material Belongs to substances 4 classes of danger.

Working conditions Supply and exhaust ventilation.

Near the place of work with sealants availability of naked flame is not allowed

Transportation and storage

Packaging Polyethylene bottles from 100 - 500 cm ³.

Coefficient of filling of bottle 0.6

Protection from sunlight is obligatory. Temperature when transporting no more than + 30 °C.

Shelf - life and conditions

Warranty period of storage – 18 months. Sealant has to be stored in the closed container of the enterprise - the manufacturer in the covered, dry, heated warehouse in the conditions excluding hit

moisture and direct sunshine, at temperature no more than + 30 °C.

Contact with metal and hit of metal impurities in bottle with sealant is not allowed. Sealants at operation and storage do not emit harmful substances in concentration dangerous to human body.

Recommendations about application and storage

Working surfaces of details need to be cleared and degreased gasoline, toluene or acetone, substances, free of nitrites. Glue - sealant is ready - made product, it is applied on bolt carving in the quantity necessary for filling of profile of carving. It is possible to use bottle dropper, brush, special dosers. It is allowed to pour sealant from packaging of the manufacturer in isty working polyethylene container. In process of expenditure of glue - sealant it is supplemented the next portion. The return discharge of product from working container in packaging of the manufacturer is forbidden.

Technical characteristics

1. Dynamic viscosity, MPa * with 1000 - 3000

2. Time of achievement of contact durability

on carving from M10x1,5 structural steel, min. 5 - 15

3. The unscrewing moment on carving

from structural steel M1 0x1, 5, Nanometer in 3 hours 20 - 30

4. The unscrewing moment after warming up of threaded connections
- at the 150th hail. With during 1000 hour, Nanometer 20 - 30
- in the A - 40 antifreeze at the 110th hail. With within 130 hours 20 - 35
- in M63/10G1 machine oil at the 130th hail. With within 130 hours 25 - 35

5. Most allowed gap, mm 0,3

Unigerm - 6 is glue of the accelerated hardening that allows to use it in conveyor productions at assembly of different nodes and details.

The product ready to application is applied on previously fat - free surface, delivered in polyethylene bottles.

TU 2257 - 405 - 00208947 - 2004
Warranty period of storage - 1 year.

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Unigerm-6 sealant of vibration-proof, 50 g
Unigerm-6 sealant of vibration-proof, 50 g
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