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Technical characteristics
  • BrandАО завод "Ветеринарные препраты"
  • Country of manufactureRussia

1. General information

1. 1. Yodinokol - antibacterial medicine, in the form of solution, containing iodine (1, 4% ) in quality of active ingredient, and as excipients - potassium iodide, polyvinyl alcohol, triethyleneglycol, lactic acid and water.
1. 2. Yodinokol represents oily uniform liquid from blue - greenish till dark blue color, with a smell of lactic acid and iodine.
1. 3. Yodinokol release in the form of solution packaged on 0, 2; 0, 25; 0, 3; 0, 4; 0, 5; 1, 0; 2, 0; 3, 0; 5, 0; 10, 0; 20, 0 kg. in densely closed glass bottles or polymeric bottles, flasks, canisters.

Each unit of packing is marked according to standard documentation with the instruction: names of the manufacturing organization, its address and trademark; names of the country manufacturer; names of medicine; names and contents of active ingredient; numbers of a series and date of production; expiration date; inscriptions "For Animals"; net weights; designations TU, storage conditions; method of application; information on certification also supply with the instruction for application.

Yodinokol store at the consignor and the consignee with precaution (list B) in well corked container, in the place protected from light at a temperature from minus 10 os to plus 30 os.

Yodinokol's transportation is carried out any kind of transport, according to the rules of transportation of goods existing on each type of transport, ensuring safety of medicine.

Yodinokol expiration date at observance of storage conditions - 1 year from the date of production.

2. Pharmacological properties

2. 1 Yodinokol possesses bactericidal, virulitsidny, fungicide action. It is active concerning grampolozhitelny and gramotritsatelny mikroorgantszm, including activators of a kolibakterioz, laryngotracheitis, rhinotracheitis, bronchitis, bronchial pneumonia, aspergillomycosis.
2. 2. On extent of impact on an organism Yodinokol treats low - dangerous substances (the 4th class of danger according to GOST 12. 1. 007 - 76), in the recommended doses and concentration does not render the skin irritating and rezorbtivno - toxic action, irritates mucous membranes.

At application in the form of an aerosol Yodinokol sanifies air and has the local sanifying effect on respiratory organs of animals, including birds.

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